Updated #whereswaldogencongiveaway episode

August 1, 2018


WHERE’s Waldo, I mean all those at GenCon in case you get bored or might be looking for these people! WIN A PRIZE PACK by taking a selfie with these people! Tag us on FB https://www.facebook.com/GamerLeafCLP/  #whereswaldogencongiveaway


Ross Thompson: Ill be at IDW 158 https://www.facebook.com/idwgames/


Ramon Raya: # 253

If anyone takes a photo of them demoing the game and links it to the tableflip or dungeon brawl Facebook, I'll contact them and give them a free shirt. Dungeon brawl https://www.facebook.com/tableflipboardgames/


Alex Kessler with Battle Bosses will be at the Kess booth #2865 Battle Bosses launching to Kickstarter Kess.co


Ta-Te Wu

: First Exposure Playtest Hall Playtesting: Promenade https://www.facebook.com/groups/sunrisetornado/


Michael Coe:

We're booth #2945  Gamelyn Games


Steven M Berry

:  Going to be at Lucas Oil Field, Purple 22 for most of the con. We'll be doing teaching games of Infinities: Defiance of Fate and giving away shirts to some lucky winners. People can sign up at https://www.gencon.com/event_finder?search=infinities playtest


Tim Fowers at @2007 Fowers games


Jonathan Gilmour: 3047 most of the time! With Pandasaurus mostly.


Arinn Dembo

From Kerberos The Pit the board game and Sword of the Stars Control  at the First Exposure Playtesting Hall!


Elad Goldsteen Golden Egg Games: #319


Josh Hipsher

:  I’ll be at the IGA booth 253 on Sunday from 12-2. Outside of that I’ll be hopping around battle deck builder, Gamma Grunts.


Jason Washburn

: GenCant miniatures painting contest!


Patrick Leder

Leder games: 3043


Eric Harrison: Or you can say at auraplex studios in virgnia


".. and next up we've got Keith Franks from CutlasBoardgames, who is fast asleep in bed because it is 4am in Australia at the moment"


Vince Vergonjeanne and Erin Dean Lucky Duck Games: #3054 entrepreneur avenue


Brawlin Brothers Brandon Nall

: Inside up booth 1456


Carla Annabelle Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games I'll be at booth 3058


Jimmy Hudson We are gonna be interviewing in the main hallway next to the exhibits on Friday. Holding a sign that says Five Quick Questions.


Michael Wright Just the Hawaiian shirt

Pants likely


Tom Anders: Booth 124 is Impact!


Delton Brack https://www.facebook.com/DeltonBrack

and Hailey Brack in Malthaus shirts, spilling Beer?


Grey Fox Games https://www.facebook.com/GreyFoxGames/ Run Fight or Die: Reloaded currently on Kickstarter We're at Booth #2401


Jessie Mullins We are in the First Exposure Play Hall all 4 days! Thurs - 8am Fri - 12pm Sat 12pm Sun - 10am


We launch our Kickstarter Thursday morning and will have promo cards too!


Melissa Lewis-Gentry John Wick Presents is in Booth #2459 with Sweet Jenny & War of the Cross, & ICC 124 with games of 7th Sea.


David Gerrard 2656! Show up or miss out on a wicked high five! Booth #2656 from Junk Spirit Games with Battle of the Bards and Tyler Sigmans Crows


Edward Wedig Come find me in the Sailpower area in Lucas Field. I'll be running the game Sat and Sun (and may be playing Fri night).


Shaun Michael Hinds Come see us at booth #2667 and we will demo Illimat for you! Be one of the lucky first 25 people each day to buy an Illimat product and you'll get a very limited edition card for the game!


Shaun Michael Hinds Come see us at booth #2667 and we will demo Illimat for you! Be one of the lucky first 25 people each day to buy an Illimat product and you'll get a very limited edition card for the game!


Ambie Valdes http://youtube.com/ambierona


Matthew Tarulli Running demos inside the ODAM Publishing booth all week! Stop by booth#1238 and say hello!


Kas Ismail YOYOYOYO! The Dice Odyssey will be at our sponsor's booth Fallen Dominion Studios, LLC from time to time #3057. 


Rob McBride Syther Gaming / OverBattle: The All War

Hall A, Red Tables #27 & 28



Glenn Frank Drover Forbidden Games is Event Hall - C


David Brashaw Ninja Division booth, 2627,


Mark Burke Greater Than Games in their event room


Matthew J Lemke https://www.facebook.com/matthew.j.lemke

Swing by Spartacus Publishing booth at Gen Con booth 1031


Sky Carlisle from Board Game Websites Top Shelf Gamer Booth 267


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