Real Episode 117: The time Gamer Leaf met Jonathan Gilmour

January 31, 2018

Gamer Leaf sits down with Jonathon Gilmore to talk everything games and design. Dead of Winter was almost just released as a Print and Play.


Important question: Want us to review Double Dragon or Double Dragon 4 on the Switch?


Kickstarter Corner:


Dungeon Allies  going through Fri, March 30 2018


Warriors of Jogu: Feint

by Tony Chen of Monsoon

through February 16 2018


Hermetica the Board Game starting 1/9/17 week

Which runs through February 8 2018


I listen to The Family Gamers podcast with Andrew Smith and Anitra Smith, I thought she might enjoy this one as she’s one for abstract games.


Dead 'til Dawn - Zombie Survival Horror Card Game till Sat, February 24 2018


BLOCKCHAIN: The Cryptocurrency Game till February 24 2018 Chris Monica creator of Hermetica might like this.


Find out what game Jonathon rates a PERFECT 10.


He tells us about a few of games he works on. I especially am geeky about the Atari line which he gives a quick run down on.


Upcoming games: Wayward, Expansions for wasteland express delivery service and Dinosaur Island.


John does a quick rundown of his design process.


He talks of the Fail Faster philosophy which I just heard from someone else recently.


Why do the big guys do Kickstarter?


Jonathon’s advice to you if you have a game idea.


AAA: Google Drive


What is an icon?


What games of Jonathon's do you have? Comment below.