Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf

Family Funday Friday 29: Clustered

July 20, 2018

Ever heard a board game podcast in which Carnivorous Cows are mentioned? Well stick around for the less than 30 mins to hear it happen. As well as count how many times Little Leaf can use the word Clustered!

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is powered by Kolossal Games' Terrors of London launching to Kickstarter on Tuesday the 31st of July.


Hang on until after Kickstarter Corner to see what Princess Leaf, Barbarian Leaf, Little Gamer Leaf and Big Gamer Leaf thought of Clustered 1st edition. 

Clustered: 2nd edition - A Strategic Card Game

 is on Kickstarter through August 10th 2018


Kickstarter Corner:


Villains & Henchmen! through Sun, August 19 2018 7:00 PM MST.




 through Tue, July 24 2018 7:59 AM MST.


Jetpack Joyride

 through Tue, July 31 2018 2:58 PM MST. Creator on show next week!


Incoming Transmission - Cooperative Sci-Fi Pixel Board Game

 through Fri, August 10 2018 11:00 PM MST.


Eddie Jonas Forgotten Dungeon Mega Adventure for AD&D D&D5e

less than 64 hours to back this one!


Bringing HLG Con to the Next Level 

through Thu, July 26 2018 7:23 AM MST.


Crown of Aragón  through Fri, July 27 2018 11:00 AM MST.


Asanakids: learn yoga and mindfulness while playing

through Wed, August 1 2018 1:51 AM MST.


Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain (Dwarven Expansion)  through Fri, August 3 2018 5:07 AM MST.


CGI 7th Year Kickstarter

 going through July 24th


Immortality. A Greek mythology game with dice, cards & more!

 through Thu, July 26 2018 1:30 PM MST.


Killing Lee Garvin 

 through Wed, August 1 2018 5:00 AM MST.


The Complete McCaigue Creature Compendium Vol. 1 

 through Sat, August 4 2018 9:01 AM MST.


 Snag the Flag - Unleash the beast and laugh fit up! 

through Wed, July 25 2018 7:46 AM MST.


Joust for Fun: a Historically Inaccurate Card Game 

 through Sun, August 5 2018 9:05 AM MST.


The Abandons - A Solo Labyrinth Escape Game  through Thu, August 2 2018 7:00 AM MST.


Clustered: 2nd edition - A Strategic Card Game

going through August 10th 2018


Still with us? I hope so! Our review of Clustered the 1st edition! Find out what we thought of it!