Episode 184 Wishlist Wednesday (On Friday): Beatdown Streets of Justice

September 7, 2018

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf  is powered by

TradeWarz - A Game of Kings on Kickstarter through Fri, September 28 2018 6:59 AM MST.


Stupid Users Beta Card Game running throughSat, October 6 2018 11:59 PM MST.


Gamer Leaf sits down with Matt Barr to talk all about his new game: Beatdown: Streets of Justice  which is on Kickstarter through Mon, September 24 2018 8:48 AM MST.



AAA: Hearthstone & Chawzi








Kickstarter Corner: 

 Survival of the Dummies Trivia Game -Essential Pack-Through Mon, September 10 2018 9:08 AM MST.

 Back the full game on Kickstarter or try before you pledge with a free print at home DEMO at www.survivalofthedummies.com/subcribe "

Survival of the Dummies

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Auteur Designs  through Tue, September 11 2018


Battle Bosses through Fri, September 14 2018 12:00 PM MST.


A strategic party game for the deranged.  through Sun, September 16 2018 9:59 AM MST.


No Escape!  through Thu, September 27 2018 10:50 AM MST.


Simulation Theory Boardgame (STG) Do you trust your reality? Backed by CMON through Sun, September 9 2018 8:22 PM MST.