Episode 157 Kickstarter Creation; Out of Sorts - A game for creative kids of all ages

July 12, 2018

Gamer Leaf sits down with Micah and Lizzie to talk all about everything about their game Out of Sorts - A Wooden Tile Game for Families 

 on Kickstarter through Thu, July 19 2018 4:07 AM MST. After Kickstarter Corner I Preview this game with Little Leaf, Princess Leaf and Barbarian Leaf.

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playOutofSorts/?ref=br_rs

Instagram: #playoutofsorts @hellofromhei


AAA: Drop 7 and Dots


Kickstarter Corner:


Lunar 5000

 through Thu, July 12 2018 11:15 AM MST.


Vikingjarl - The board game

through Fri, July 20 2018 8:50 AM MST. https://gleam.io/zsFKm/vikingjarl-giveaway giveaway of Vikingjarl and Theosis from Boardgames Stories


CGI 7th Year Kickstarter 

through Tue, July 24 2018 5:00 PM MST.


Bringing HLG Con to the Next Level 

through Thu, July 26 2018 7:23 AM MST.


Immortality. A Greek mythology game with dice, cards & more!

 through Thu, July 26 2018 1:30 PM MST.


Crown of Aragón  through Fri, July 27 2018 11:00 AM MST.


Asanakids: learn yoga and mindfulness while playing

through Wed, August 1 2018 1:51 AM MST.


Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain (Dwarven Expansion) 

 through Fri, August 3 2018 5:07 AM MST.


The Complete McCaigue Creature Compendium Vol. 1 

 through Sat, August 4 2018 9:01 AM MST


Clustered: 2nd edition - A Strategic Card Game

 through August 10th 2018