Family Funday Friday Episode 19: Comic Turns and Lexicons of dueling Katana

February 23, 2018

Gamer Leaf sits down with Princess Leaf and Barbarian Leaf to play Comic Turns  which is on Kickstarter through Tue, March 13 2018 8:00 AM MST.


Note: we reviewed a print and play version of this game sent to us by the creator.


3 of 3 Leaf’s loved this game!


Stay Tuned for another review,


But, first: Kickstarter Corner:


Battledigm through Sat, March 3 2018


Creatures of Vathis: Volume One (D&D 5e & Pathfinder) through Sat, March 3 2018


I Am the Greatest! - Hero Edition

 through Fri, March 16 2018


Dungeons of Infinity through Mon, March 19 2018 7:08 AM MST

look for Logan Chops to be reviewing this game.


Infinities: Defiance of Fate through 22 march


Swords & Souls through Thu, March 22 2018


Kami-sama  Sun, March 11 2018 8:59 PM MST


Animal Ailments - The Wild Miming Game! Wed, March 14 2018 10:18 AM MST.

Richard Simpson from We’re Not Wizards backed this one and Kami-Sama too!






Then I sit down with Princess Leaf to review the decks prior to Lexicons of Dueling Japanese Katana that is now on Kickstarter through

through Sat, March 3 2018


Stick around for the entire episode to find out how Princess Leaf tells y’all how to get RICH!


2 of 2 LEaf’s Loved this game too!