Family Funday Friday Episode 15.5; Hermetica review by Barbarian Leaf and Gamer Leaf

January 13, 2018

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you by Phillip Reed of Steve Jackson Games’


Gamer Leaf sits down with Barbarian Leaf to talk about the same game for both game and application time: Hermetica now on Kickstarter.


Try it for free yourself!


Barbarian Leaf issues a Hermetica Challenge to Charlie Grummon one of it’s creators.

Are you man enough to accept?


AAA: Garageband


We had Chris, Charlie and Lucas on Wednesday’s episode


Barbarian Leaf trys singing a song.


Kickstarter Corner to bring you these great games, but not in this particular order:


MaricopaCon 2018 and Macro-Con 2018  Through 14 Feb 2018


Supernatural Socks - A Tabletop Game About Lost Socks


Join Us: Add YOUR superhuman to a new universe (Make 100)

Ends  Sun, January 21 2018


Ta-Te Wu’s Kung Pao Chicken - A Secret Identity Card Game running until January 18 2018

Our YouTube preview video might get featured on Gamers on Games YouTube Channel. In case you don’t get to watch it, Barbarian Leaf tells you a bit about the game. Going for stretch goals currently. 50 hearts on BGG will get a new hound currently at 28.


Lords of the Motleyverse I have it on good authority that this game will be re-launching. You should go back it for $1 before he cancels it within the week, your card won't be charged and then you will be notified. I did!

The Journey Out of Homelessness running through: February 15 2018


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A bit of banter between father and Son at the end.