Family Funday Friday Episode 14: Kung Pao Chicken

January 5, 2018

Princess Leaf sits down with Gamer Leaf and Gamer Leaf sits down with Barbarian Leaf to talk about Ta-Te’s newest game Kung Pac Chicken which just launched on Kickstarter this Tuesday.


Great presentation. The packaging is better than the Tuck boxes that Joshua Burall who is Logan Chops Reviews very much dislikes.


3 out of the 3 Leaf’s that played recommend this game with high marks!


AAA: Barbarian Leaf teases us about YouTube


We let Joshua who is Logan Chops Reviews announce his first Official Season 1.


Kickstarter Corner:

By Ed Jowett of Shades of Vengeance’s Join Us: Add YOUR superhuman to a new universe (Make 100) (FUNDED!)

Ends  Sun, January 21 2018

Lords of the Motleyverse

 This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tue, January 30 2018


Justin Barrett’s Misquoted until 1/23/17


Konstantinos Manos of Vesuvius Media’s Dwar7s Winter

 ends Mon, January 15