Episode 90 Kickstarter Creation; WIBBELL++ - 6 GAMES EXPLORING WORDS, LETTERS & LANGUAGE. - 2/17/18, 3.59 PM

February 17, 2018

Gamer Leaf sits down with Bez who we first heard about on Richard’s We’re not Wizards.

We talk about: WIBBELL++ : 6 GAMES EXPLORING WORDS, LETTERS & LANGUAGE.which is on Kickstarter until Thursday 22nd

also a bit about

Kitty Cataclysm is 27 Feb until 22nd March.

Rahdo reviewed it

And Kitty Cataclysm which plays between 30 seconds and 17 minutes.


Gamer Leaf makes a prediction to be made by Asmodee. You’ll find out how you can get a conversation with the great Bez.


AAA: Ingress which was made by those who made Pokemon Go before it came out.


You can always find any Kickstarter’s Bez is running


Kickstarter Corner: Run by Princess Leaf

Creatures of Vathis: Volume One (D&D 5e & Pathfinder) through Sat, March 3 2018


Anklebiters - Pixies VS Gremlins which goes through Thu, March 8 2018 8:00 PM MST


Arkon through Sat, March 3 2018


Dead 'til Dawn - Zombie Survival Horror Card Game till Sat, February 24 2018


Lexicons of Dueling Japanese Katana

through Sat, March 3 2018


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