Episode 85 Kickstarter Creation: Dungeons of Infinity

January 29, 2018

Gamer Leaf sits down with Jack Spoerner

to talk about Dungeons of Infinity which is launching on Kickstarter on 17 February 2018.

His favorites are a Dungeon and Dragons mini game as well as FireFly the board game.

Dungeons of Infinity has a cool noise mechanic. As well as a time aspect.


Kickstarter Corner:

 MaricopaCon 2018 and Macro-Con 2018 

Through 14 Feb 2018


Supernatural Socks - A Tabletop Game About Lost Socks

ends Wed, January 31


Warriors of Jogu: Feint

by Tony Chen of Monsoon

through February 16 2018


Hermetica the Board Game 

Which runs through February 8 2018


Bitcoin Empire: To The Moon till Sat, February 24 Chris creator of Hermetica might enjoy this one.


Ascendant Destiny - A flexible tabletop fantasy RPG till Friday 23 Feb


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Back to the interview.


Kristyn McDade does the character’s back stories.


Reviews by Man VS Maple and Unfiltered Gamer


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