Episode 80 Kickstarter Creation & Giveaway: Kung Pao Chicken

January 6, 2018



This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you by Phillip Reed of Steve Jackson Games’ Battlegrip.com


Gamer leaf sits down with Ta-Te Wu of Surnise Tornado as the 1st podcast to talk about his new game Kung Pao Chicken (On Facebook at:kpcboardgame) which is currently on Kickstarter  only running for 11 more days!


Ta-Te issues a challenge to Axis & Allies  which is in our Shelf of Shame.


Fire Fly is on Ta-Te’s Shelf of Shame. He wants to get it to the table. What do you have on your self of shame and want to bring to the table in 2018? Comment below or e-mail us


One of his favorite games is Through the Ages.


15 minutes in Princess Leaf pops into the interview.


E.R. Burgess of Boardgame Babylon designed the surprised chicke expansion. interview by BB here


AAA: Todoist  


Yuri Avello did the 1st how to play victor on his channel. 


Other reviews include which can all be found on his site:

The Board Games Maelstrom

Their review.

Wooden Shoe Games


Geek Test seemed to like it as well, but neither Me nor Ta-Te comprehend, but according to Lady Leaf and Google Translate it seems he liked it.

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Board's Eye View


So Cal Play testing first play LA contact Ta-Te Wu to find out more about those.




Our review of Kung Pac Chicken.