Episode 120 Kickstarter Creation:Dobbers: Quest for the Key

April 21, 2018

Gamer Leaf gets mad at chris whitpan about how long his latest video of Game all Nite is because instead of watching. I had to work.

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Gamer Leaf sits down with Daryl to talk about Dobbers Quest for the Key

http://splatteredink.com/kickstarter/ through May 18th


AAA: Instagram


Daryll found us via Vaughn Reynolds The Social Gamer 


Kickstarter Corner:


No Escape

through Thu, May 17 2018 10:57 AM MST.


Election Night! Learn your way to the White House

through  Fri, May 18 2018 9:07 PM MST.


Arena the Contest FUNDED! through Thu, April 26 2018 5:00 PM MST.


Mobster Metropolis – Create your syndicate, rise to power

through Thu, April 26 2018 9:56 AM MST.


Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance Mon, April 30 2018 5:00 PM MST. 


The Gate of R'lyeh  through Sun, April 29 2018 11:13 AM MST. FUNDED!


Swerve!:The Connection Strategy Game 

through Sun, May 13 2018 10:02 AM MST.


WUNDERKAMMER: The Card Game of Curating Curious Collections 

through Sun, April 22 2018 4:17 AM MST.